6 Ways to Stay Trendy During the Rainy Season

By | March 19, 2022
6 Ways to Stay Trendy During the Rainy Season

Even though the rainy season has entered several regions in Indonesia, don’t worry, you can still look trendy, you know. For some people, the rainy season is often used as an excuse to dress modestly. In fact, you can still look chic without too much effort.

6 Ways to Stay Trendy During the Rainy Season

Here are six ways to stay trendy during the rainy season:

1. Wear a rain jacket
If you are one of those people who are lazy to bring an umbrella during the rainy season. Instead, wear a rain jacket such as a trench coat or bomber jacket. Choose a long button-down jacket with a belt at the waist. Guaranteed to keep your body warm and stylish.

2. Choose a dark color
The rain was getting heavier and puddles were everywhere. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, it could just be that specks of mud stains will leave marks on your clothes. Well, dark colors tend to hide the freckles. You can wear dark colors on pants or skirts.

3. Use Leggings
You don’t have to wear thick pants and jackets. During the rainy season, you can still be stylish with a mix-and-match of sweaters and leggings or stockings. Both of these items have elastic material so they will wrap your feet perfectly and definitely keep them warm.

Stay Trendy During the Rainy Season

4. Don’t forget the scarf
Look cool without worrying about the cold, you can rely on a scarf. This one dress is usually wrapped around the neck. Not only makes the appearance more trendy. Scarves are also able to warm the body.

5. Wear the mainstay boots
Boots with glossy material will certainly keep your feet dry even when it rains heavily.

6. Transparent bag
Of course, this transparent bag will keep your things from getting wet. This bag is made from quite thick, so it is not easily damaged and remains elastic.

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