Tips to Buy Gold Jewelry

Gold is a rare metal which can be utilized for investment purposes, either as jewelry made of gold or bars of gold. Gold jewelry for women is highly sought-after as a fashion accessory that can be used to enhance their appearance. It will be a hassle if the jewelry you purchase is that is not of good quality… Read More »

How do I clean Gold Jewelry

It is crucial to understand how to clean your gold jewelry to ensure that it isn’t dull and can be worn with greater sparkle. A large number of women, and men, wear gold-plated jewelry, including necklaces or bracelets, earrings, and rings. Gold jewelry is an expensive item, particularly if you include gemstones, diamonds or any other valuable stones.… Read More »

6 Ways to Stay Trendy During the Rainy Season

Even though the rainy season has entered several regions in Indonesia, don’t worry, you can still look trendy, you know. For some people, the rainy season is often used as an excuse to dress modestly. In fact, you can still look chic without too much effort. Here are six ways to stay trendy during the rainy season: 1.… Read More »

11 Fashion Trends For Summer You Can Make Your Style More Trendy

Although Indonesia does not have 4 seasons, there’s no reason not to look at other countries who display fashion trends based on the season of the moment. Before summer arrives, experts have prepared any fashion trends to come and help liven the summer season. Don’t allow yourself to use the same fashion, and without needing to purchase new… Read More »

10 Most Luxurious Jewelry Brands in the World

Jewelry is among the most essential pieces of jewelry in the collection of women. Women feel unattractive without a piece of fine extravagant and costly jewelry. They provide dazzling ornamentation, while also enhancing the look, whether as bracelets earrings, cufflinks, or watches. Here are ten of the most expensive jewelry brands that you must be aware of. 1.… Read More »

10 Cartier Jewelry Collections Guaranteed To Amaze You

Cartier is a well-known accessory brand offers a range of stylish and beautiful collections. It is a brand that is adored of the elite, Cartier has always succeeded in creating unique and unique items of jewellery. The name is Societe Cartier, the jewelry manufacturer and distributor comes in Paris, France. It is also an innovator in the production… Read More »

Tips for Wearing Jewelry various Occasions

Jewelry can be worn at any time and anyplace. But, it is important to be aware of the circumstances and pick the right piece of jewelry. These tips on how to wear jewelry that you should know whether you’re at an event or just for everyday use. Jewelry isn’t just to enhance the appearance of one’s look it… Read More »

Tips on how to dress for women in accordance with age

The aging process is not a choice. It can be a challenge for some, particularly women. In terms of how they dress women need to alter the clothing they wear depending on their age. The dress code, however, isn’t a patentable idea, it is subject to limitations. However, wearing clothes that are appropriate for your age can make… Read More »

Numerous Benefits of Tomatoes for Face Skin Beauty

The tomato is a popular food item that is found in every home kitchen. Surely you already know that tomatoes have a myriad of health benefits . But, it is discovered that tomatoes can also bring benefits to skin and facial beauty. What are the advantages? A brief overview of the contents of tomatoes as well as their… Read More »

6 Amazing Benefits of Baking soda to improve your beauty

It’s not just cake-making agent baking soda can also be effective for beautifying and makes your appearance more beautiful. What are the benefits of baking soda to beautify your appearance? Baking soda has many benefits for beauty Baking soda is acidic with a pH (pH) at 9. This figure indicates that the substance is part of the group… Read More »