How to Process Mining Products for Jewelry

By | April 20, 2022
How to Process Mining Products for Jewelry

How to Process Mining Products for Jewelry

As you know that mining for jewelry will create rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. This jewelry is commonplace in men and women today. The main materials also vary, ranging from gold, silver, bronze, to diamonds. But then do you know how the actual processing of mining products for jewelry is?

All the jewelry that you find today is one of the products of mining. It turns out that mining is not only about processing coal and oil, but also processing natural stone into jewelry. Then how is this processing done? .

How to Process Mining Products for Jewelry

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Not all mining products can be processed into jewelry. And each type of jewelry also requires a different way of processing. The following is an explanation of what mining products are generally made into jewelry, and how to process them. Here’s the explanation,

Gold Processing

This natural stone seems to be the most commonplace to be used as jewelry in Indonesia. Comes with a variety of carats, gold is one of the mining products that has a high exchange value. Even when compared to silver or bronze though. In processing it as gold jewelry, you have to go through several stages, starting with mixing gold with a purity of 90% with gold of lower purity.

After that the gold will enter the washing and melting process. This stage also functions to separate gold from other rocks that are not needed. The end result of this melt is pure gold ore, which can be used as raw material for jewelry. The final stage remains to be formed according to customer orders and wishes.

Silver Processing

Silver is a metal material that is often used as an alternative material for jewelry, but with a lower exchange price than gold. Silver has a white color with varying levels of rust. Silver jewelry with good rust will not easily change color, and is not easily scratched.

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The manufacturing process is more or less the same as gold, using first lumps of silver, which are then mixed with lower purity silver. After that it will be melted and put according to the mold. Usually, many silver jewelry providers provide coating services, which is an effort to make silver jewelry look like new by giving a silver layer, to cover the old parts that are starting to wear out.

Bronze Processing

Actually, this one mining product is more common for medals and home decorations, compared to jewelry. The stages of manufacture are carried out using two techniques, namely the symmetrical technique and the wax technique.

The symmetrical technique is a way of shaping bronze using a tool in the form of a clamp, with a small hole at the top. Next is the wax technique, which uses wax-based molds of various models as containers of melted bronze.

Diamond Processing

Mined for further jewelry is diamonds. Diamond processing seems to be the longest compared to the others.

Mined for further jewelry is diamonds. Diamond processing seems to be the longest compared to the others. The manufacture of diamonds as a result of mining for jewelry starts from the process of marking or taking photos of the raw form of diamonds. Taking this photo is mandatory, because it is forbidden if the diamond is cut directly without analyzing the pattern first. As a result, diamonds can be damaged or many parts are wasted.

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The next step is to create a 3-dimensional sketch, in order to determine what shapes and patterns match the size of the diamond. Then proceed with cutting using a special laser, to ensure the shape obtained is precise and in accordance with the initial sketch.

This cutting is not done manually, but using a special printing machine. After the laser is finished, the diamond will go into the process of re-checking, ensuring whether there are still parts that need to be polished or whose shape is less than perfect. After everything fits, the diamond is ready to go through the polishing process, and to be paired with the customer’s ordered jewelry.

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