Men’s Fashion Tips to Look Thinner

By | March 24, 2022
Men’s Fashion Tips to Look Thinner

For certain men with a huge body can be a major problem. Particularly if it’s only noticeable on specific areas of the body, like the stomach. Some people do not want to lose weight or exercise in order to shed and gain weight back as prior to.

Men’s Fashion Tips to Look Thinner
If not, a second option that is easy to run is to select the appropriate clothes. Certain fashions that men of size wear will instantly give the appearance of being slimmer. Here are some tips on how to choose clothes that make you appear slimmer as reported by Real Men Real Style and Fashion Beans.

1. Slim fit shirt

If you wear slim fitting clothing that appears to connect your shoulders, chest and waistline, can quickly make you appear less slender. But, it is important to pick it wisely. Do not be too wide or snug. A good way to know if you’re doing that is to make sure you don’t reach your arms in a cross-over when your shirt is closed.

2. V-neck sweater

If you are choosing a sweater the V-neck or V-shaped neck is advised. It can give an illusion of having an elongated and slim figure. For the material there are a variety of options available, including lightweight knit cotton, wool silk, cashmere, silk and other combinations that appear at an apex on the hips and waist and are comfortable on the chest, shoulders and sleeves. But do not wear heavy knits as it will only add weight to the final product.

Men's Fashion Tips to Look Thinner

3. Dark jeans

Choose dark jeans. Black or dark blue and both will conceal the weight of the body. It is suggested to pick an uniform style for your waist and legs, which must be able to fit into the hips. It’s an all-inclusive selection of jeans that look slimmer.

4. Loafers

In terms of the type of shoe you choose for your feet, the style of loafers are highly advised. With regards to specifications, it is recommended to select top-quality leather that is thin-soled and with an oval-shaped shape. Do not choose square-shaped footwear with a thick rubber sole. Avoid sharp ends with a pointed end because this can only reveal your true weight.

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