Review Of Does Naruto Die In Boruto Series References

By | January 22, 2020
Review Of Does Naruto Die In Boruto Series References

Review Of Does Naruto Die In Boruto Series References. Okay, everyone is saying that “there’s no way naruto could die!” and “no one’s stronger than naruto!” and “if you’re even thinking about that, you’re not a true fan!” now for my argument. Naruto next generation hints at his death.

Review Of Does Naruto Die In Boruto Series References
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Naruto next generations continues the story of the shinobi world. The beginning of the boruto series revealed a devastated konoha and kawaki was able to tell boruto that he would bring him back to the spot in which his dad “is”. Even though the program concentrates on naruto uzumaki’s son, boruto, naruto still plays a significant role in the series, as we learn more about his life following the events of the naruto manga.

Even Though The Program Concentrates On Naruto Uzumaki’s Son, Boruto, Naruto Still Plays A Significant Role In The Series, As We Learn More About His Life Following The Events Of The Naruto Manga.

To keep the majority of fans from worrying about their. Does naruto die in boruto? In this article, we are going to tell you whether naruto actually dies in the boruto series and what his actual fate is, based on the most recent events in the manga and the anime.

After All, The Beginning Of The Boruto Series Showed A Destroyed Konoha, And Kawaki Told Boruto That He Will Bring.

This is a question that has been popping up on the internet ever since the release of boruto. Momoshiki was the first major antagonist of the boruto series. Despite his poor condition, naruto recovers and avoids death once again.

In The Timeskip Scene (First Minute Of Boruto Anime And First Few Panels Of Boruto Manga) Kawaki Says:

There are multiple times in the manga that his life is in danger and once where he is basically at death’s door. Season 8 (episode 168) of season 8. Although masahi kishimoto’s naruto manga ended a while ago, boruto:

Okay, Everyone Is Saying That “There’s No Way Naruto Could Die!” And “No One’s Stronger Than Naruto!” And “If You’re Even Thinking About That, You’re Not A True Fan!” Now For My Argument.

Sasuke didn’t die in the series, however, there are signs that naruto and sasuke could end up dying in the near future. Kawaki and boruto are amid the ruins, and their conversation is ominous and highly suggestive of naruto being dead. 'i'll send you to the same place i sent the seventh hokage' implying that he killed him.

According To The Current Series Boruto, Kakashi Is Alive And Will Return In Episode 23, As Seen Through Various Hints Given By Kishimoto.

In the present, it appears kawaki is committed to naruto and even killed boruto without hesitation in order to ensure that naruto safe from harm. Although naruto may not be the main protagonist in the boruto series, he has a lot of vital roles in many events of boruto. Naruto recovers and avoids death again, despite his poor health.

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