10 Cartier Jewelry Collections Guaranteed To Amaze You

By | March 18, 2022
10 Cartier Jewelry Collections Guaranteed To Amaze You

Cartier is a well-known accessory brand offers a range of stylish and beautiful collections. It is a brand that is adored of the elite, Cartier has always succeeded in creating unique and unique items of jewellery. The name is Societe Cartier, the jewelry manufacturer and distributor comes in Paris, France. It is also an innovator in the production of luxury perfumes and watches.

Societe Cartier was founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in the year 1847, and was purchased from Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA in 1964. Through the 40s the business was renowned in the industry for their “Bestiary” jewellery and watches created by Wallis Simpson and diamond necklaces for Bhupinder Singh Maharaja and a practical timepiece called “Santos”.

Expertly serving royals and celebrities, Cartier is now a famous brand across the world. It was in 1899 that Louis created a mysterious clock that had a transparent dial with a hidden mechanism. It was embellished with vibrant gemstones “Tutti Frutti” this jewelry as well as watch is regarded to be a luxury must have item.
10 Cartier Jewelry Collections Guaranteed To Amaze You
The 10 Latest Cartier Jewelry Collections

1. Amulet de Cartier Necklace

Necklaces are among the most sought-after pieces of jewellery items for women. For good reason, necklaces are deemed suitable for different situations and they can be worn at any occasion. Necklaces with diamonds add the appearance of being expensive and lavish.

Cartier offers a selection of diamond-encrusted necklaces known as Amulette de Cartier made of 18 carat gold. It is available in pink-gold. the necklace features an additional design in the shape of the shape of a 0.02 carat diamond. Its diameter is 12 millimeters and a total length of 38-41 centimeters, the necklace is fitted with a movable chain.

You can buy Amulette de Cartier online on Cartier’s website for IDR 26.7 million.

2. Amulet de Cartier Ring

Originated from carbon content diamond is the strongest rock mineral. It’s not easily damaged or broken, and diamonds will always attract women. They generally possess a white-yellow hue but diamonds with high quality have a crystal clear color.

The next recommendation for diamond-encrusted jewelry includes that of the Amulette de Cartier Ring. It is made of 18 ct gold, the rings has the mother of pearl design as well as 0.02 carats of diamonds. Its diameter is 12 millimeters, this rings is available online through Cartier via its official website. It is available for purchase for IDR 28.9 millions.

3. Panthere de Cartier Bracelet

Alongside taking note of its usefulness and functionality It is also important to determine the size of the wrist. To find the proper size, you need to take measurements of your wrist and add 1 to 2 centimeters.

It is the Panthere de Cartier Bracelet is an accessory from Cartier constructed out of gold 18 carat. Accented with tsavorite and onyx, this bracelet is able to be bought online. Through the Cartier website you can buy this Panthere de Cartier Bracelet for IDR 146.2 million.

4. Panthere de Cartier Necklace

Necklaces and pendants can make attractive gift ideas for family members, couples and friends. The various shapes and styles of necklaces allow you to be more flexible in picking the one that suits you most well and best suits the character that the person wearing it.

The Panthere de Cartier Necklace is a luxurious necklace from Cartier. It is made of 18 ct pink gold, the necklace is embellished with Tsavorite garnets. It is available on Cartier’s official Cartier website and you can buy this Panthere Cartier Necklace for a price at IDR 42 millions.

5. Paris Nouvelle Vague Earrings

Before you purchase earrings, take note of your facial shape. To ensure that your appearance isn’t jarring, pick the best one as earrings could make you appear younger than you are. Do you want to avoid choosing the incorrect earrings? Well, you can check out Cartier’s collection called Paris Nouvelle Vague Earrings.

These Paris Nouvelle Vague earrings are constructed of 18 carat pink gold. The set comes with 11 pink sapphires as well as six cut diamonds, for an sum value of 0.26 carats. Paris Nouvelle Vague Earrings are available through Cartier’s website. Cartier site priced at IDR 271 million.

6. Paris Nouvelle Vague Bracelet

In the same collection, called Paris Nouvelle Vague, this time Cartier offers a classy and stunning bracelet. Set with diamonds that form the lasting symbol of the bond of love that is strong and affection, the Paris Nouvelle Vague Bracellet is comprised of 26 diamonds and the total weight amount of 0.66 carats.

Made of 18 ct . pink gold The Paris Nouvelle Vague Bracellet is offered online by Cartier. It’s available for IDR 374.1 millions.

Cartier Jewelry

7. Trinity Ring Classic

The greater the value or carat of gold jewelry the higher the cost. This is why you should consider your budget prior to purchasing the item.

If you’re searching for an old-fashioned ring, it’s the Trinity Ring Classic could be the best choice for you. With three different color options the ring is constructed of 18 carats of white, pink and yellow gold. It is available online through Cartier the ring is available for purchase this Trinity Ring Classic for IDR 222 million.

8. Trinity SolitaiRe

Engagement and wedding rings are significant items of jewellery. Apart from being an expression of love that the ring is a symbol, it must also have a design and shape in accordance with the personality that wears the ring. A ring type that is appropriate for the occasion is the diamond ring.

The variety of types of materials, models and ring designs that are available online allow you to pick your own ring shape. The most popular would be Trinity Solitaire. Made from 18 carats of yellow, white, and pink gold. It features an elegant design. 0.23 0.23 – 0.26 carat, based on the style and variation.

Trinity Solitaire is sold by using the messaging feature on Cartier’s website.

9. Juste Un Clou Necklace

There are many kinds of gold that can be used in jewelry. On the market, you’ll typically see 14 carat and 18 carat. Gold’s color can be very varied It is available in red, pink, yellow and even white. One of Cartier’s pieces made of pink gold is The Juste Un Clou Necklace.

This Juste Un Clou necklace is constructed of 18 carat rose gold. It is adorned with 18 diamonds for a the total weight of 0.12 carats You can purchase this necklace through Cartier’s official site. To buy the necklace you will need to make a payment of Rp. 54.1 million.

10. Juste Un Cloud Bracelet

A beautiful and attractive image, the jewelry created of yellow gold has its own attraction for women. The sheer number of styles and models of jewelry in the present makes a lot of people attracted to collecting and buying these items.

One piece of jewelry made of 18 carat yellow gold can be The Juste Un Clou Bracellet. Bracelets made by the well-known company, Cartier, are sold on the internet. They can be purchased via on the official Cartier website. The justeunclou Bracellet is available for sale at IDR 96.5 millions.

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